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Over The Top Mounts is family owned and operated

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We’re not just a tv mounting company. We are the experts in home theater installation and ceiling installation. Our team of professionals can help you build your dream media room or install a new mount for your existing TV set. Click below to get started.

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We are the best mounting services in the Las Vegas valley and are here to provide you the service you deserve.

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Over The Top Mounts is family owned and operated so you can expect professionalism and integrity.

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Over The Top Mounts provides TV mounting and and home theater installation services all around the Vegas Valley.

Depending on availability and the time which you call, we may be able to provide same day service. If not same day, then next day service is available.

To schedule TV mounting services, please call us at

(702) 884-2748 or Contact us 

Our technicians are trained to provide home theater installations as well as other installation services around the house. Whether you need to set up a whole home theater system, install other fixtures such as ceiling fans and cameras, or assemble new furniture, Over The Top Mounts can provide top notch service.

Over The Top Mounts are known for two things: providing amazing customer service, and getting the job done right the first time. Our installations and mounts are also backed by our amazing Life Time Warranty with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

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cable box wall mount modem wall mount router wall mount smart tv installation smart tv setup 65 inch tv mount
65 inch tv mount

Smart TV Installation and Set-Up in Las Vegas

We offer you an effortless Smart TV installation and Smart TV setup process by mounting your new large or small Smart TV. Let us take away the guesswork of which cords are connected where.

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75” TV wall mount

4 Reasons Why TVs Fall From Walls and How to Prevent It 

The problem is that many reports have come in on TV falls off wall, making you question are TV mounts safe in the first place. Here are four reasons why there are numerous TV wall mount failures. 1. Insufficient anchors 2. Poor quality TV mounts 3. Mounting alone 4. Wrong location

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 outlet relocation kit

65 Inch TV Mounting with a Power Relocation Kit

A power relocation kit refers to a device that permits you to hide TV wires in the wall. When using this kit, you do not require an electrician to come and modify your electrical system, saving you money and time. 

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65 inch tv mount

Best Viewing Angle and Height For Mounting a 65 Inch TV

In order to find out the best tv viewing angle, we first need to look at how high above your eye level you want it mounted. For example, if you mount the TV too low then there\\\’s going to be more glare on the screen from a lamp or window behind it.

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mounting TV
50” TV wall mount

Mounting 50’’ Inch TV On Stucco Concrete Las Vegas

Not only can you mount a TV into stucco, but having stucco available allows you to have a very durable material at your fingertips. However, remember that drilling into stucco will only be possible with the right drill bit and proper drill.

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bedroom tv mount size
65” TV mount

What is the right height for 65 inch TV mounted in bedroom?

To determine the proper height for wall-mounted TV in bedroom, you must first check the screen size, the room’s dimensions and shape, and how the TV will be viewed.

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tv wall
70” TV wall mount

TV Installation and Troubleshooting Internet Problem

If you have ever experienced a problem using your TV internet connection, check out this helpful guide. Learn how to solve internet connection problems on your television with these simple steps.

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65 inch tv on wall 65 inch tv wall mount full motion easy tv wall mount hide wires on wall Las Vegas 65 inch tv mount
65 inch tv mount

65 Inch Tv Wall Mount Full Motion in Las Vegas

Find out what you need to know before selecting a tv mount for your new 65 inch tv. We review the best brands and explain how to select a television wall mounting bracket system.

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