4 Reasons Why TVs Fall From Walls and How to Prevent It 

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Interior decor is fast-changing, and the old cabinets used are no longer necessary with TV mounts around. With no need to have a local TV installer come in to do the work, life was simple and easy. However, times have changed significantly, and TV mounting is the new thing. The problem is that many reports have come in on TV falls off wall, making you question are TV mounts safe in the first place.

Reasons Why Your Wall Mounted TV Fell Off the Wall

1. Insufficient anchors

Mounting the TV on plaster alone using bolts alone will lead to a TV wall mount failure. The reason is simple the bolts used are incapable of supporting the weight of your TV. At Over The Top Mounts LLC, we strive to use the best materials to avoid disappointments.

2. Poor quality TV mounts

There are several TV mounts in the market and vary in cost. The reality is that they are of different qualities, making TV falls off the wall normalcy. When looking for a TV mount, opt for quality mounts that will secure the TV on the wall. To distinguish quality, check whether the TV mounts have been treated with heat and powder coated. It will ensure that after installation, it can withstand the weight and heat of the TV. Opt for installer services that dwell on quality as it’s not worth it when the TV falls off the wall.

3. Mounting alone

As tempting as it can be, mounting a TV alone will be a pricey lesson when telling others that the TV fell off wall mount. When mounting one side, you will likely ignore bearing the TV's weight on the other side, making the process sloppy. In the end, you will have a mount failure. A local installer will be ideal in this situation.

4. Wrong location

When checking does mounting TV damage the wall, we advise everyone that a TV mount is only as good as the location it is placed in. Strive to use a wall-bearing wall to mount the TV that does not have a lot of traffic. A local installer will advise on the best wall for mounting since banging the door when closing and opening makes the bolts less secure. 

Are TV wall mounts safe? If you've ever had this question, avoid the disasters of the TV falls off wall, call us today for a quotation at our location using any of our addresses or contact us. Using our knowledge in the field, we guarantee safe mounts, and you'll not have to tell other stories of your TV fell off wall mount. Check out our latest updates on our google my business page.








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