Over The Top Mounts LLC is proud to announce a successful installation of a 65″ TV wall mount at a private residence on Oakey Blvd, Las Vegas.

Our client wanted to mount his 65″ TV at the best viewing angle possible but did not want to drill holes in his walls or mess up his walls by doing so. He looked up TV Installations near me on Google and found us, Over The Top Mounts LLC. When he contacted us and booked an appointment, we provided him with options regarding the different types of wall mounts he can choose. He opted for the Flat/Tilt Mount for his TV.

Upon arriving within the hour at his residence, we installed his 65″ TV on a Flat/Tilt Mount and have his wires hidden in the walls since he has pets that like to chew on everything. After finishing the project, our client thanked us and said would contact us again if he needs a new home theater system installed.

What is a Flat/Tilt Mount for TVs?

Whether you’re hanging a TV in your living room, a bedroom, or even a patio, you’re probably not planning on mounting it directly in front of your face. Instead, you have it set to the side or above eye level so that you can gaze upon it and enjoy its presence. But with TVs being so big nowadays and with the addition of a soundbar or other accessories, there’s no guarantee that the TV will be easy to see from every vantage point.

When we explained the different types of wall mounts for TVs to our client, he chose the Flat/Tilt Mount option for his TV wall mount. The reason why he chose this option is that it is more affordable than a Full-Motion TV Mount and better than a Flat TV Mount.

It is a great option if you want your TV installed up high like in a fireplace or bedroom where it is above eye level. It can tilt downwards nearly 45 degrees as well as can set your TV in a flat position like a Flat Wall Mount. Since he had his TV installed in the bedroom, he can enjoy watching TV while laying down! Tilting mounts are more expensive than fixed mounts, but they offer more flexibility and work well against any glare from ambient light sources.

Different Types of TV Wall Mounts

It’s hard to beat the flexibility of a wall mount for your TV, but not everyone has the option to mount their television on a wall. When you do have that option, however, it’s important to know what kinds of mounts are available and what each one can offer you. Some types of wall and ceiling mounts have more versatility than others, but they all allow you to place your TV almost anywhere in the room that suits you best.

Over The Top Mounts LLC want to make sure all of our clients are able to view their TV in the best way possible, so we’re here to help you pick the perfect TV mount for your home. There are many options out there, but we’ll go through them all and give you a bit of information on each.

Fixed TV Wall Mount – Fixed mounts are the most affordable option for keeping your TV in place. They’re typically easy to install and maintain.

Flat/Tilt TV Wall Mount – A Flat/Tilt TV Wall mount allows you to tilt your TV downward 45 degrees and set them back into a flat position like a Fixed Wall Mount. It is usually more expensive than the first option but is better overall.

Full-Motion TV Wall Mount – A full-motion mount allows you to move your TV in any direction, making it the most versatile option. These mounts are more expensive than other types but also offer more flexibility.

Choosing the ideal TV Wall Mount for the best viewing experience

By now you’ve seen the different options available for TV Wall Mounts. You might have even started to lean towards one mount over the other, but it can be hard to know for certain which is the right choice for you. The good news is that regardless of which type of mount you choose, Over The Top Mounts LLC will be here to help! Our staff is professionally trained in installing, repairing, and maintaining all types of television mounts.

A Fixed TV Wall Mount makes your TV look like a painting on the wall since there is almost no gap between the wall and the TV. This is a great option if you don’t want to see the TV mount and a fantastic choice for the living room. 

The Flat/Tilt TV Wall Mount is the perfect choice for the bedroom, the fireplace, and other high surfaces on which you want to place your TV. This mount prevents children to reach the TV. It can tilt downwards at a 45-degree angle or stay in a flat position like a Fixed TV wall mount. 

The Full-Motion TV Wall Mount can move in any direction and is perfect for the kitchen and dining room or anywhere else in the house. Since this mount can be turned at any angle, this offers more flexibility than the other two TV Mounts but is generally more expensive.

What TV Wall Mount do I need for a 65” TV?

Are you planning on purchasing a wall mount for your 65″ TV? Good choice! There are many factors that need to be addressed first before choosing a wall mount for your 65″ TV like is the walls strong enough to hold the weight? If I have drywall, can the mount be stable enough? These questions can be answered by checking the specs of your Television in the box or the manual. 

You can see the maximum weight and screen-size specifications of the Television and there you’ll have an idea of what you can choose. Usually, a 55-inch TV wall mount is the perfect and optimal size for any type of TV. Whether it’s a 55-inch Full Motion Wall Mount or Fixed Panel Mount—it can be adjusted accordingly to the dimensions of your television set.

However, having Over The Top Mounts LLC assess first your walls and your TV first is essential. Wall mounting your TV can lead to disaster when you don’t know what you’re doing and end up buying another TV since the first one fell.

Why You Need To Have Your Wires Hidden When Installing TV Wall Mounts

Your living room is not the place for an exposed mess of cords and wires. It’s an eyesore that detracts from the overall aesthetic of your home theater system. When you’ve got pets or kids, a mess of cords and cables can be more dangerous than it looks. Just because your dog isn’t chewing on your TV’s power cable doesn’t mean they aren’t tempted. Many types of animals are naturally attracted to chewing on wires (just like our client’s pets), which can lead to electrocution, fires, or even structural damage in your walls if the wiring becomes exposed enough.

Keeping your wires hidden neatly and clean not only makes your living space look better and feel neater but also makes using your home theater safer and easier.

Why hire Over The Top Mounts LLC?

If you’re looking for a reliable and professional mobile TV mounting company in Las Vegas, NV, look no further than Over The Top Mounts LLC. Our team of skilled experts can help you choose the perfect wall mounts for your needs and install them safely and securely on the wall. We specialize in custom mounting and have high standards for quality and customer service. Give your home theater the makeover it deserves with our services! 

We also offer home theater installation, ceiling fan installation, doorbell installation, camera installation, and more. Contact us today to get started!