There are a variety of mounting devices that can fit your needs and style. Do you want to mount your 65 inch TV and hide wires in the wall? Get a TV mounting service or an in-wall TV wiring kit since it will serve you well. Getting our experts to hide the wires for you is a great idea since they can mount it even over odd places like above the fireplace. Here we will explore what a power relocation kit is, how to install it, and the pros and cons. 

What Is a Power Relocation Kit

A power relocation kit refers to a device that permits you to hide TV wires in the wall. When using this kit, you do not require an electrician to come and modify your electrical system, saving you money and time. 

How to Install TV Power Relocation Kit

It is advisable to consult with our team on the best electrical relocation kit to use in your home. Get a reliable and clean outlet relocation kit that will offer quality service over the years. 

During installation, our team will cut two holes in the wall where we will hang the TV. We will then run a snake in the wall to trawl the electrical wire and other cables such as HDMI. The next step is to cut another hole close to the floor, where we will install the male part of the outlet relocation kit. We will then plug a white cord which will run from the wall box to surge protected wire or existing wall outlet. 

You will end up with a clean, nice, and safe install with no wires hanging from the TV. The only visible wire will be the power cord close to the floor plugging into the existing outlet. Check out our amazing reviews on google.

Power Outlet Relocation Kit Pros and Cons


  • No need to hire an electrician
  • Clean installation since no wires are hanging outside when hanging TV on wall
  • Quick and easy than tapping in the existing electrical
  • You can easily revert the in-wall TV wiring kit installation by pulling it out and mending the hole if you are moving out of that house.


  • There will be a small visible code in the existing outlet but at the floor level. 
  • If you do not have experience, you might need to hire an expert. 

Hire a Local TV Installer

Over The Top Mounts provide the perfect TV mounting solution in Las Vegas. With our power relocation kit, you can mount your television anywhere in the room without worrying about cords or cables that may obstruct viewing. Our team will install it for you perfectly. Let's get started with a free consultation and installation estimate today.