Over The Top Mounts LLC  received a call from a customer to mount her 65-inch TV with a power outlet. She requested that the TV be wall-mounted with a built-in power outlet and cable management. This was an interesting request and we were excited to get started on the project! We arrived at our customer’s home and measured the area where she wanted the TV mounted. We used High-Grade Steel to make sure it could handle the weight of the 65-inch flat-screen TV. The steel was powder-coated black so it would match her other furniture. The mount also had to have some holes drilled in it so we could run cables through it from inside her wall. Once we got back to her house, we installed all of the hardware onto her wall and then ran all of her cables through it before mounting it onto her wall with anchors and screws. She now has an amazing 65-inch flat-screen TV hanging on her wall with power outlets behind it! We were able to do all of this for her at a price she could afford. She was very happy with our work and how professional it looked. Not only does she have a great-looking mount, but it is also secure so that if someone tried to steal her TV they would not be able to take it off of the wall.

What Is The Best Height For Electrical Outlet For Wall Mounted TV?

There are many different opinions about what is the best height for an electrical outlet for wall mounted TV. Some people say that it should be mounted at eye level, while others say an inch below. This can depend on the type of TV you have and your own personal preferences. If you have a large screen then mounting it higher will make it look more natural but if you have a smaller screen then mounting it lower would be better. One of the first things you need to consider when installing a wall mount is the height of the electrical outlet. This is because your TV will need the power to operate, and this can only be provided by an electrical outlet. Ideally, you should choose an outlet that is placed at eye level or slightly lower. This will ensure that you have a clear view of what is displayed on your television screen as well as prevent neck strains. If you have chosen a high quality mount for your TV, it should come with a built-in cable management system that allows you to hide excess cables behind the television unit itself. You can also choose a wall mount with built-in cable management systems if you do not want to use one that comes with your TV unit itself.

Different Types of Mounts

Mounting a flat-screen TV to a wall can be a daunting task if you are not sure what to do. There are many different types of mounts available in the market today, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. The most common type is the tilt mount, which allows you to tilt your TV up and down, but not side-to-side. These types of mounts are ideal for people who want to be able to watch their TV from multiple angles or if they want to install the TV above eye level. A pivot mount allows you to turn your TV side-to-side but does not allow for tilting up or down. These types of mounts are ideal for situations where you have limited space between the wall and where you want to place your TV, as well as for people who don’t need their TVs tilted upwards or downwards and only require them swiveled from side-to-side. A full motion mount allows you to tilt up or down as well as swivel left and right so that it can be viewed from any angle within a 180° range of motion without having to get up off the couch! This type of mount is ideal for people who want maximum flexibility when viewing their TVs, especially if they have children

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