What you should know first before installing full motion 65 Inch TV wall mount

Have you ever wondered how to install a 65 inch TV on the wall? There are many different types of mounts, but which one is right for your TV? You may have seen advertisements for full motion mounts that let you watch your TV from every angle. Having a 65 inch TV wall mount full motion enables the TV to be hung up on a wall and viewed from any angle. There is also very little space between the wall and TV once it is hung. Today Over The Top Mounts will give you some basic information about full motion TV mounting. We have a few examples of what you need to know prior to installing your full motion TV mount.

Its Overall Weight, Viewability, and Size of the Mount

Before you mount your TV you need to consider the mount´s size, how the TV will be viewed, and the weight of the mount. You need to know this information because the TV brackets must fully support your TV. After checking is done, you need to decide how the TV will be viewed. Will the TV be viewable from all angles or stationary?

Know Where Other Electronics Should Go

Now you need to know where other electronics should be placed. Decide if their size is too big to be connected to the TV or if there is no space. Normally, having other cable equipment, such as a Chromecast will be small enough to be secured to the TV. If the equipment is obviously too big, then you will need to have an alternate space. You may need to bring in a small entertainment cabinet that is placed underneath.

Is your wall strong enough to handle a TV wall mount

It is important to know if your walls will be strong enough to hold the weight of your TV. If your walls are wood, then they will include strong, sturdy studs. This is also true for walls that are brick or concrete. With a wooden stud mounting, it can be conducted safely if the studs are used. When you mount into concrete or brick, you need to incorporate sleeve anchors so that your TV will hang safely.

When it comes to mounting your TV, you need to keep in mind that the screws will be bearing all of the weight. With this, the screws need to be strong enough to handle it. To ensure that the screws remain in place, having anchors will reinforce the screw's strength.

What type of tv wall mount is best for me?

There are many TV wall mounts available for any type of TV you want to mount. However, having a full motion mount that can fit up to 55 inches and weight more than 80 lbs will be ideal for any type of space you plan to mount the TV in. Ensure that the mount is able to provide full motion, which will be great so that the TV is viewable no matter where you are.

What should I do with the cords?

When your TV is mounted, you need to do something with the wires. You can either have them hidden within the wall or by using a raceway for the cables. These are stuck to walls and guide the wires without having them look messy around the TV. They can also hide the wires for all of your other equipment cables that will be connected to the TV.

Having all of the necessary information concerning full motion mounting is important. However, there will be times where you may need to seek out the help of a professional TV installer. This is where Over The Top Mounts come in to get your TV mounted in no time and the way you want it mounted. We are a company that offers high quality, full motion TV wall mounts for homes and businesses throughout Las Vegas. Read our customers feedbacks and get ahold of us today so that you can start to enjoy your favorite shows.