Are you tired of looking at your wires? Not sure how to hide them? Let Over The Top Mounts experts come to the rescue. We offer a wide variety of services, including TV wall mount installation all over Las Vegas. We can also provide you with options for hiding wires and cables in the wall, which is an excellent choice not just for aesthetic purposes but also for keeping your family safe from possible danger.

How to Hide 65 Inch TV Wires Mounted on a Wall

Our experts will mount your new 65-inch flat-screen television on the wall using a 65 inch TV mount behind a door or dresser. You can choose what type of mounts you like and we will make sure to install high quality mounts for you.

You can watch movies and shows without worrying about visible wires hanging from the wall. The process is fast and easy.

How It Works
When you hide cords on wall, you will need experts who will determine where and how your cords will be positioned. When hiding cables, we start by drilling holes into the studs of the wall.

Wires are then inserted into the holes and run to a central location, where they can be connected to your television or other devices. When we finish, you will have wires hidden in the walls of your bedroom, family room, or home office without having cables showing from sockets on your 65 inch.


Quick response time
At over the top mounts, TV Installation is a full-time job for our expert technicians, so there's no waiting around to install a 65 inch TV mount. Our professionals have all of the tools and equipment necessary for the fast installation of a 65 inch TV on wall.

We will mount your new television hiding cables in your living room, family room, or bedroom quickly and easily. TV wall mount installation services are available 24 hours a day. We carry whatever size of TV you have whether 65 inch, 75 inch or even an enormous 82 inch tv installation.

Over The Top Mounts is one of the best TV mounting company in all of Vegas. With No job is too big or small for our friendly staff, who are always on time with quality service! We offer insurance and lifetime warranties as well so you can be sure your investment will last forever. Among our specializations are TV mounting, home theater installation and ceiling installation.

Competitive Prices
Our prices are very competitive when you want to mount a 65 inch TV on wall, so you don't have to worry about overpaying for TV wall mount installation services. We provide the best service at prices that won't break your budget as we hide cords on wall. Visit our page to get a quotation in just a second.

If you want to know more about our service you can contact us  with one of our Las Vegas TV Mounting Experts and get started on hiding cables and hiding TV wires in walls without any visible cables hanging out from behind.

Customer Satisfaction
Customer satisfaction is our number one priority when they want to hide cords on wall. Las Vegas TV Mounting Experts work hard to complete each job with the highest level of customer service and care when it comes to hiding Tv wires.

Our reception is friendly and helpful, and we provide answers to any questions or concerns you may have about hiding TV wires.