TV wall mounting or attaching your TV on the wall is a great way to minimized space as well as having an aesthetic view for your room. Over The Top Mounts LLC  gives you the best deal when it comes to TV mounting in Las Vegas and other types of installation services.

Is it safe to mount your 75 inch, 82 in or larger tv on the wall? 

After purchasing your preferred type and size of tv, tv wall mount installation is the next step. You might be thinking how are you going to mount or is it safe to mount your tv on wall considering how big it is? Is it even possible to mount your 75"inch, 82"inch or larger one on the wall? How can you hide tv cords on wall? All the answers lies on the next section.

Any television can be mount from the wall. Just make sure to use proper mounting brackets and check if the wall is sufficiently strong to hold the weight to prevent any further accident. If you aren't comfortable of using tools or drilling holes to attach screws yourself, you may leave it to professionals in tv wall mount service to install the wall mount and TV for you.

Beyond the placement of the TV, the most important aesthetic feature is figuring out how to hide tv cords on wall. We all want to hide tv cords on wall, but the key is to make sure that it gets completed will little to no damage done to the walls in the house. You will need to find a way to hardwire your TV, either through HDMI, power, or cable. The best way to get wires to your mounted TV is to have the TV wall mount service installer drill through the studs in the wall without damaging the drywall itself. This may require a little work in adjusting electrical boxes, but it will create nice clean finish when all is said and done. Another alternative is to run the wires on the exterior of the house, but this should only be considered if the distance from the TV to the power source is extensive, and if you are fine with how the wires will look on the exterior of house.

For all your needs in TV mounting Las Vegas make sure that you reach out to Over The Top Mounts LLC.