Mounting a 65" inch TV on the wall is not as simple as it may seem. There are several things that must be taken into consideration before mounting the TV, and even more, things to consider after you have mounted your new screen. Make sure to read this blog post from the expert in tv mounting service in Las Vegas if you plan on mounting a 65" inch TV in your home.

How high should a 65-Inch TV be mounted?

Mounting a TV can be intimidating for those without experience. If you know the best tv viewing angle and height, mounting becomes easier. In order to find out, we first need to look at how high above your eye level you want it mounted. For example, if you mount the TV too low then there's going to be more glare on the screen from a lamp or window behind it. Mounting a 65 inch TV too high will result in some distortion of images as they're blown upon such an enormous screen size. Ideally, TVs should be mounted 1-2 feet below eye level with about 10 degrees downward tilt from the vertical centerline of viewers. 

The height of your new 65-inch TV depends on which type of mounting option you have chosen, how much space is between the ground and ceiling studs where you are going to install it if there are things in that area that could get damaged during installation or possibly fall onto someone's head. 

What size of wall mount do you need for a 65 inch TV? 

Most 65 in TV wall mount are around 50 pounds. Therefore you need to make sure your mount is up to the challenge of holding that weight without putting too much stress on the studs in your wall. If there are no studs for the TV mount available where you would like to mount it and using drywall anchors isn't possible, we suggest you contact a professional for assistance.

How wide is a 65-inch TV?

Most people think that a 65-inch TV is 65 inches in height; however, that's not correct the TV is 65 inches in height diagonally. Well, what are the dimensions of 65 inch TV? A 65-inch TV is usually around 40 inches wide and 16 to 20 inches tall. This means that you should have a little extra room on either side of the screen so it isn't too close to other objects in your living space.


If you're considering mounting your new TV, be sure to take the time to measure out where you want it mounted and better consult for local tv technicians with good feedbacks such as Over The Top Mounts LLC. We will mount your screen wherever you are in Las Vegas with a high-quality mount that will safely hold your TV and is adjustable for maximum TV viewing angle.