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A board of directors software solution is not something that can be considered a feature. With remote and hybrid work models on the rise, boards need a mobile-ready solution that lets directors access their board materials anywhere. The technology should be simple for directors to use and offer users with a seamless experience across all devices, whether on the move or at home. It must be safe.

A well-selected board portal can save your business time and money. When you are evaluating the various options be sure to consider both ongoing and upfront costs. Be sure to look at the complete set of features that are offered by each solution in addition to the impact of different security measures. Some board of director software providers offer basic, professional and enterprise editions It’s crucial to be aware of the differences in features as you compare prices.

In addition to saving time on administration, a good board portal will provide advanced tools to enhance the board meeting experience for both members and admins. Many service providers offer an “anytime anytime, anywhere” method, which allows directors to log on using their mobile device, or even a web browser. Some solutions also allow directors to record their meetings and then share their thoughts with colleagues in real-time. Some even allow for electronic voting, as well as the affixing of signatures to documents after meetings.

Another aspect to consider is the way the tool encourages good governance. This could include adding health and safety issues on the agenda or soliciting the approval of minutes at the next board meeting. A good portal for boards is easy to update and expand over time.