Common Mistakes You Should Avoid while Mounting TV to Wall

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Mounting your TV to the wall improves the watching experience. However, people make several mistakes during this process. This article highlights and discusses common mistakes you should avoid while mounting a TV to a wall. It also gives ideas on the steps you should follow to ensure that you accomplish the task properly and achieve excellent results. The piece recommends the best TV mounting company that you should consider selecting for professional services.

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People decide to mount their TV on the wall for different reasons. For example, they want to avoid the frustration that the dust on the TV stands causes, while others want to enjoy watching the television. Fixing your TV on the wall also offers a minimalist style in the house. You can decide to do it yourself or book a professional tv mounting service. If you choose to invest in this project, ensure that you do it right.

Making a mistake can be expensive because it can damage the wall, the prized TV, or both. The following are some mistakes that you should avoid to ensure that you mount it successfully.

• Selecting the wrong location

It is wise to consider location when mounting your TV on the wall. Always remember that the TV will remain fixed on the point you mount it. The technicians at Over The Top Mounts always advise our customers to evaluate the viewing distance and angle before drilling into the wall. For example, placing the device too high might hurt your neck, while setting it too low will force you to always look down when watching.

It would be best if you mounted the TV at a point that gives you the right viewing angle. Homeowners should select a location that is close to a power outlet and one that does not directly expose the TV to the sun. They should also avoid fixing the bracket above the fireplace because mixing fire or smoke with electrical appliances is dangerous.

• Choosing the wrong wall bracket for the TV

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TVs have different weights. A prevalent fault is purchasing a tv mount that cannot support your TV comfortably. If you select the wrong size, the screen could fall and break. You should also be attentive to the mount’s quality because it determines its strength and the quality and length of service you will receive. A full motion and tilt-wall bracket is better than the flat one because it allows you to change the viewing angle.

• Failing to install the mounted TV safely on the wall

Incorrect installation is a common mistake when fixing the tv on the wall. Most TVs, especially huge ones have considerable weight and can fall off the wall if it is not secured safely during installation. Most homeowners fail to find a stud partition, tighten the screws, or use the suitable drywall method during the DIY project and these mistakes could cause the TV to fall.

• Using poor-quality DIY materials

The internet offers a lot of information on this project, the proper procedure, and necessary equipment. However, some people use underrated materials, such as self-made wall brackets and hence receive poor results. These tools might be weak or not strong enough to withstand heat since they are not heat-treated. Consequently, they might break and damage your wall or the TV.

• Placing the mount and TV on different levels

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Most manufactured tv wall mounts have a built-in bubble, also called spirit levels. These tools enable you to ensure that the TV is level after installing it on the wall. Using tv wall mounts that do not have these levels will be risking your expensive screen because it can fall off the wall. You can consider purchasing laser levels if you can afford them.

• Leaving cables and wires hanging

Most people who mount a tv forget to hide the cables in the wall. These hanging wires can cause accidents and ruin the beauty of your new set up. The most appropriate way to avoid this issue is to purchase an in-wall power extension to hide these bundles of cables.

At Over The Top Mounts, we offer the best tv mounting service to our clients. Our skilled and experienced technicians use the right tools and are keen during the process to avoid mistakes that might cost you later.


Installing TV screens on the wall has become a common practice. However, you are likely to make several common mistakes if you install the appliance yourself. If you plan to mount a tv, ensure that you avoid the above-described errors for the best watching experience or seek professional services.

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