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How to mount your 55-inch TV in a corner?

To effectively mount a TV in corner  while hiding the cords there are a few very important steps to follow to ensure desirable results.

1. Make sure your TV wall-mount bracket suits your TV size.
You must ensure that the TV mount is suitable for the weight and size of the TV. The TV mount should be specifically capable of support the weight of your television; for a 55-inch television, you will need a strong 55 Inch TV wall Mount.
2. Attach the Mount to the back of your TV.
Once you have confirmed the size and have gathered the necessary information regarding your TV model, attach the mount to the back of your television to start the mounting process.
3. Find studs in the corner of the wall.
Wall studs are the structural support for walls. They provide stability and prevent the wall from bowing or cracking. There is a variety of types of studs, but they will all typically be made out of wood. Studs can be installed to act as an anchor for other materials like drywall or insulation boards that cover up the stud's surface. A stud finder is helpful while locating a stud at the corner of the wall. Mounting your tv on a stud helps to secure your TV.
4. Select the desired height to hang tv in corner.
Make a mark with a pen the desired height to strategically position the tv in optimal ideal view. Also, make sure your TV is parallel to the floor.
5. Drill Holes in the wall and attach the mount brackets.
Now you can drill holes to attach your 55 Inch TV wall Mount. Make sure that you drill the holes into the stud. Then using the bolts, attach the mount bracket to the wall.
6. Mount your TV to the wall brackets.
After ensuring that the wall brackets are tightly secured by the bolts, mount your television on the wall brackets.
7. Position the television for optimal view.
When you have your TV mounted in corner, you can now position the TV to the desired viewing position. Since the TV is mounted in the corner, the full motion TV mount allows you to adjust the angle of the arm for ideal viewing.

Will a full-motion TV mount work in a corner?

A full-motion TV mount works perfectly in a corner—the articulating arms of the full-motion TV mount are adjustable to any angle. If you are searching for the perfect option to have your living room with TV in corner, a full-motion TV mount is an ideal solution for you. It also has a built-in cable management system so everything looks neat and tidy.

Mounting a TV in corner is an intricate task, especially when dealing with a large-sized TV. If you want your TV mounted in corner, you must pick out the suitable tv mount and follow the proper steps in mounting to ensure the process is successful.
By hanging tv in corner you can save space and make the most of your living room. If you’ve been looking for an affordable solution to corner TV mounting but have struggled to find what you need or want at a price point that won’t break the bank, then contact  Over The Top Mounts LLC.