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Best Vacational Resorts in Las Vegas, NV

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you could easily spend an entire vacation inside one of these resorts, exploring all they have to offer.

The Top Luxury Resorts

So when people contemplate coming to Las Vegas, for many its the trip of the year, so they immediately want to know:

  • What is the most luxurious Resort in Las Vegas 2021
  • Which are the Best New Resorts in Las Vegas
  • What is the Most expensive Resort in Vegas

The most expensive Resort in Vegas

The most expensive Resort in Vegas

We’ll tackle this first, as it’s relatively simple, at least when it comes to waterpools.

While there are plenty of pretty spectacular resorts pools  in Las Vagas for $500 and up, the top prize goes to the Empathy Seat in the Palms Casino Resort.

This 9,000 square foot 2 master bedroom suite comes with its own pool, a separate pool for two bull sharks to swim in, biking, hiking, rock climbing and golf. You’ll find casinos, spas, great pools and a good selection of restaurants.

However, if you want down-to-earth prices and fabulous luxury probably the Wynn Resort, averaging around $500 per person is your cup of tea for the most expensive resort when you consider going an ordinary package, not a Super Luxury.

comfortable and well-designed rooms, great pool, casino, restaurants, a spa and entertainment, but it’s not as crowded or as busy as a place located on the Strip.

Best New Resorts in Las Vegas

In 2021, there are two major Resorts that opened up in Las Vegas just this year.

They are:

The massive, 135,000 foot Resorts World

Featuring world-class entertainers such as Celine Dion, Katy Perry and Carrie Underwood, resorts world was 14 years in the making and features 3 massive hotels, an imitation of the Wall of China, a panda reserve, and gambling using smartphones.

It’s ultra-modern, and although there have been some glitches, the resort is a welcome addition to the Vegas skyline, particularly for those from Asia and South East Asia, which absolutely love it.

The Resorts World, and its massive casino, are expected to attract visitors for many years, and being one of the newestgives vacational resort experiences, its prices are very comparable for other places such as the Wynn and the Bellagio.

The Resorts World property has its own shopping mall, and over 40 bars and restaurants to eat at.

In addition, there is the Virgin Resorts, Las Vegas, on the east side of Las Vegas.
Close to both the airport and the University of Las Vegas, the Virgin Resort is great as an opportunity to experience the less frenetic and more relaxed stays at an off-strip resort.

Really, once you’ve seen one fountain you’ve seen it all, so unless you are booking a luxury suite, a relaxing off-strip resort like the Virgin Resort may be just your cup of tea

Most luxurious Resort in las vegas 2021

luxurious Resort in las vegas

Despite the attempt with new Resorts such as Resorts World, to capture the limelight, traditional Resorts with a proven reputation are the best best for the ultimate luxury.

One Resort that has earned its reputation is the Vdara Resort & Spa at ARIA Las Vegas, and the major reason why the Vdara is such a relaxing place is that not only is it ultra-luxurious, but there is no casino. True, the Aria does have a casino, but for pure quiet and relaxation, the Vdara is a top place to stay.

The reason the Vldara tops our list for the most vacational resort is that not only is the entire resort smokeless, but every portion must be clean, complete with bowling alley, ready to be at your beck and call.

Sure, the other mega-resorts nearby with casinos such as the Bellagio and Caesars Palace, but a visitor can quickly experience sensory overload when staying at a mega-casino.

The Vdara is pure relaxation, and believe it or not, when you remove some of the more expensive entities such as a huge fountain in front, the price is relatively inexpensive for all the luxury provided.