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Certainly, the allure of Sin City is strong, but not everyone wants to live right in the middle of all the excitement and excitement. If you’re looking for a safe neighborhood to call home in Las Vegas, we’ve got you covered. Our list includes some great options for families, couples, and college students alike. So take a look and see which one is right for you!

Safe, Affordable Neighborhoods in Las Vegas

Lone Mountain

Median buying price $224,867; median rent $1,291. Safer than 77% of Las Vegas neighborhoods. It’s ideal for singles, families, and retirees. Lone Mountain is named after a nearby peak outside of Red Rock Canyon, which is also named Lone Mountain. Public parks, basketball and tennis courts, and other recreational opportunities abound in this scenic Las Vegas neighborhood, which includes a variety of amenities. Depending on your preferences, Lone Mountain homes can range from Spanish Colonial homes to Mid-Century Modern estates and beyond. Families relocating to Las Vegas will be able to find high-quality schools in Lone Mountain, including Somerset Academy, a college preparatory institution. Aside from its amenities, Lone Mountain is an excellent place to live in Las Vegas for those seeking a more relaxed environment, as the neighborhood is located on the outskirts of the city while still providing easy access to major highways such as the Bruce Woodbury Beltway.

Lone Mountain neighborhood Las Vegas Nevada

Centennial Hills

Median purchase price $216,567; median monthly rent $1,123. Safer than 58% of Las Vegas neighborhoods. Suitable For: Singles, families, and retirees. Set in the northwest corner of the metropolitan area, this Las Vegas neighborhood is known for its family-friendly atmosphere, an abundance of activities for people of all ages, and low cost of living in single-family homes. When looking for a quieter side of Las Vegas, people who move to Centennial Hills will appreciate how far the neighborhood is away from The Strip—which, at 28 minutes away, is close enough to visit for a night on the town while being far enough away that Centennial Hills residents can easily avoid tourists. Due to the presence of two designated dog parks as well as dog-friendly businesses such as Metro Pizza, this affordable Las Vegas neighborhood is also ideal for dog lovers.

Centennial Hills in Las Vegas

Tule Springs

Rent: $1,305/month (median purchase price $253,160). 88 percent safer than other Las Vegas neighborhoods. It’s ideal for singles, families, and retirees. Tule Springs, a safe and affordable neighborhood in Northwest Las Vegas, is situated in a tranquil desert landscape just off US-95 and is one of the best options for those looking for a safe and affordable neighborhood in the city. Tule Springs is not only located away from the hustle and bustle of Downtown Las Vegas and the Vegas Strip, but it also provides residents with a variety of outdoor amenities, such as Floyd Lamb Park, hiking trails, and fossil beds, and the springs for which the neighborhood is named. If you’re looking for housing, renters can choose from a variety of townhomes and Spanish Colonial properties, while home buyers will find plenty of new construction in this rapidly developing neighborhood.

Tule Springs, North Las Vegas Homes

The Lakes

Rent: $1,111/month (median purchase price $305,152). Safer than 73% of Las Vegas neighborhoods. It’s ideal for singles, families, and retirees. The Lakes is a master-planned community built around the 30-acre Lake Sahara, making it one of the safest and most inexpensive neighborhoods in Las Vegas. New inhabitants are drawn to the neighborhood by its affordability, high-quality rental houses, and high-ranking schools, like Advanced Technologies Academy, which is located in the neighborhood. A resort-style atmosphere is created by housing alternatives such as luxury lakefront mansions and gated single-family homes in this Las Vegas area, which is also separated from the high-energy atmosphere of The Strip and Downtown Las Vegas. Additionally, in addition to being one of the most attractive areas to live in Las Vegas, The Lakes is highly desirable due to the wide range of amenities and activities available!

The Lakes The Trails Monument las vegas


$1,364 median monthly rent for a $328,923 home purchase. 81 percent of Las Vegas neighborhoods have lower crime rates. Ideal For: Families, seniors. One of the best neighborhoods in Las Vegas can be found just west of Downtown Las Vegas, in the West Valley. Summerlin is a popular residential neighborhood with a variety of housing options ranging from contemporary apartments to expansive single-family homes. There are several golf courses in the neighborhood, which provides more green space than you’d typically find in the Las Vegas area. Summerlin, which is bordered by Red Rock Canyon, is a sprawling area that includes several small communities of its own, such as the 55+ community of Sun City Summerlin, as well as more than two dozen local schools. Summerlin offers a diverse range of activities for people of all ages, from year-round recreational hubs such as the Las Vegas Mini Grand Prix to seasonal family activities such as the Pumpkin Patch and Artisan Craft Festival.

Summerlin neighborhood las vegas

Sheep Mountain

Median Purchase Price of a Home is $266,047. The average monthly rent is $1,584 (median). Crime Rate: Lower than 81 percent of Nevada communities Livability Ranking: Lower than 39 percent of regions with a higher quality of life. Sheep Mountain, which is located in the northwest section of Las Vegas, is one of the greatest destinations for little families to visit. The convenience of quick access to the interstate system, stunning mountain views, and a semi-rural environment are all advantages of living in this location. The majority of the time, residents may be found strolling their dogs in the area parks or browsing through yard sales in the neighborhood. Sheep Mountain is dotted with parks that are open to the public. This economical area is home to superb schools, regardless of the stage of life in which your children are currently enrolled. In Sheep Mountain, traffic is virtually nonexistent, and if you live in one of the centralized plazas, grocery stores, and shops are within walking distance of where you live.

Sheep Mountain neighborhood las vegas

Green Valley Ranch

Price of a home: The median buying price is $302,380. Rent: The median monthly rent is $1,555.The crime rate in Las Vegas is lower than in 75% of other Nevada cities. Livability Ranking: The location is ranked higher than 96 percent of other places. Green Valley Ranch is a suburban community in the city of Henderson, Nevada, with a population of 19,956 people. Green Valley Ranch is located in Clark County and is widely regarded as one of the most pleasant locations to live in Nevada. Green Valley Ranch’s residents enjoy a limited suburban feel, and the vast majority of them are homeowners in the community. It is possible to find a park anywhere in Green Valley Ranch. Green Valley Ranch is a conservative community that is home to a large number of families as well as young adults. Green Valley Ranch is home to public schools that are above average.

Green Valley Ranch neighborhood las vegas


Price of a home: $426,138 is the median purchasing price. Rent: The median monthly rent is $1,416. The crime rate in Las Vegas is lower than in 98 percent of Nevada cities. Livability Ranking: This location is higher than 93 percent of other areas in terms of livability. Anthem is a neighborhood in the city of Henderson, Nevada, and it has a population of 13,035. Anthem can be found in several locations throughout Clark County. Anthem residents enjoy a sparsely populated urban atmosphere, with the vast majority of individuals owning their own homes. Anthem has a plethora of parks to choose from. Anthem is a conservative community with a large number of families and elders living there. The public schools in Anthem perform above average.

Anthem neighborhood las vegas


If you are looking for a safe neighborhood to live in Las Vegas, Nevada, then consider the areas we have listed. These neighborhoods are all affordable and offer a variety of amenities. You will also find that most of these neighborhoods have low crime rates. If you need help mounting your TV or other electronics, please contact us! We would be happy to assist you.

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