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Top Tourist Attractions In Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a famous city because of its fun and exciting features, ranging from recreated glamorous sites to beautiful resort-line streets. This makes Las Vegas a place to visit and a city to hike, camp, ski, and stay in hotels featuring free streetside shows like erupting volcanoes. Besides being in a desert, cooler winter temperatures are perfect for sightseeing, while the hot summer weather makes hotel pools a place to relax.
Here is a list of the best Las Vegas attractions 2021.

Bellagio Fountain Show

The magical Bellagio Fountain is a perfect place for tourists to enjoy their stay in Las Vegas, NV. The best way to have a good time is by watching the fountain dance while onboard a helicopter. This way, you can see the full view throughout. Again, the music accompanying the dancing fountains makes the entire show epic for tourists.

Shark Reef Aquarium

Shark Reef Aquarium

If you love watching and getting entertained by sea creatures, the Shark Reef Aquarium is your perfect place. Here, you understand more about sharks and whales and how they live their lives under the sea. Amazingly, you can dive with the help of a dive guide and enjoy swimming with sharks and whales. However, if you aren’t certified or fear getting in the water, you can take a selfie for beautiful memories.

Downtown Vegas

This is one of the best destinations in Las Vegas, NV. Downtown Vegas offers many things to do in Las Vegas, including dining in various restaurants with broad menus, playing casino games, and excellent exhibits in the museum. Again, Las Vegas Strip, the main street in the city, is the busiest and has the best hotels for your stay. As if that isn’t enough, you can never get bored watching the amazing LED canopy in the Fremont Street Experience.

Caesar’s Palace

A tourist destination is never fun without a luxurious hotel to stay in. Caesar’s Palace has fantastic hotels, lots of restaurants, and experienced chefs. Thus, you can eat and drink what you desire as you tour various destinations in Las Vegas, NV. Besides these fantastic hotels, this place has a mall where you can shop for gifts and unique items to take to your loved ones back home.

After a long day, you can enjoy entertainment at the Pure Nightclub, listening to and dancing to music while making new friends.

The Mirage

This place is one of the best Vegas tourist attractions. There are many attractions at The Mirage, such as the Mirage pool, Roy’s secret garden, sports bars, and live performances. This way, you can have lots of fun at the same place, and you can never have a dull moment. Again, this hotel has 3,044 rooms; hence, you are assured you can never miss a luxurious room. The best attraction at The Mirage is the erupting volcano, which erupts from 8.00 p.m. to midnight. This magical eruption will have your eyes glued, and you can go to sleep with beautiful memories.

The Mob Museum

Museums are the best areas to visit if you need to understand the history of a place. The Mob Museum has lots of art and stories that explain various crimes in Las Vegas, NV. The museum’s primary focus is to exhibit various crimes and steps taken to eradicate such crimes. Apart from this, you can learn more about casinos, especially if you love playing casino games. This museum also showcases various types of liquor, including moonshine, which is located in The Underground.

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

Sometimes, people decide to visit Las Vegas, due to its magnificent nature. This conservation area has magical sceneries such as beautiful canyons. Also, there are many things to do in Las Vegas and fun outdoor activities, including riding horses, camping, and biking.

Aerial View Over Las Vegas

Aerial View Over Las Vegas

If you need a stunning aerial view of Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon, take a helicopter ride from one of the leading helicopter companies within the city. The ride may include the Strip and over Las Vegas, especially for people with limited time to visit the entire city. The surrounding landscape, as well as famous natural attractions, are another great way to take a helicopter ride while in Las Vegas.
Above are the best Vegas tourist attractions. The luxurious hotels, delicious foods made by various chefs, museums, aquarium, and the fountain show are some of the best places to tour during your stay. If you need the best Las Vegas attractions 2021, this guide comes in handy.