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The best data security features data security features and backup and recovery capabilities. Data protection solutions allow businesses to adhere to the law, reduce data loss in breaches, and minimize the risks associated with ransomware. Learn more about data protection and the importance of it for businesses. Also, learn how to choose the right solution.

Data discovery and classification are the key elements of effective data protection. This involves sifting through the whole environment to determine all kinds of data, and determining how sensitive each one is. This process also helps to ensure that sensitive information isn’t exposed. Data classification can be done either manually or with a third-party program, and should be used as a basis for an appropriate data protection policy.

The most common cause of privacy breaches is human error, and the reason for this is usually insufficient cybersecurity awareness training. You can minimize the risk by implementing cybersecurity awareness programs that teach employees on cyber threats and the risks they pose, and what to do in the event of a cyber attack.

Another way to lessen the chance of a privacy breach is by limiting access to critical information to only those who need it. This means that new users should be given the lowest degree of privileges. They can only be granted more privileges as they grow older or require it.

The best way to secure data is to back it up regularly. Backups of your data are essential in the event of a breach or loss of data, and you can utilize an all-in-one IT management system like Kaseya for complete backup and recovery capabilities.

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