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An online board meeting is an effective way to bring your colleagues together remotely without the requirement for everyone to travel. It allows you to have more meetings at times that work for the majority of attendees, increasing the efficiency and engagement. Additionally, any changes made to documents during the meetings will automatically be synchronized when the internet becomes available. This means that, even if someone is offline they can still access and read all the documents you discussed in your last meeting.

In a live meeting your board members can utilize the video conferencing tools in their board management software to see each other and talk face-to-face. This keeps them interested and gives them the opportunity to evaluate non-verbal communication. Also, they can turn off their microphones when they are not speaking to avoid interrupting each others and observing online meeting etiquette.

It’s an excellent idea to go through the technology with your board members prior to the meeting to ensure everything is working in a proper manner. It is crucial to ensure that the computer of the board member has a stable connection, and that their camera quality is satisfactory. It’s also important to make sure that your board member has enough bandwidth for the meeting and that there aren’t distractions (like ringtones) or distracting backgrounds.

Participants of virtual meetings must also be aware of their attire. It is important to keep an professional appearance, as people from around the world will be able see it. Additionally, it’s recommended to avoid sitting near a window because the glare could disrupt check this the view of the screen and show on the camera.