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Board members are elected by their peers to represent the shareholders’ interests and to make major decisions for the organization. The process for election differs from one organization to another. Some organizations allow nominations from the committee, while others follow Robert’s Rules of Order to elect board members by way of a vote of the whole board. In either case, it’s important to establish clear rules and procedures for the process.

The process of finding candidates is ongoing to ensure that the board is equipped with the capabilities and expertise required to fulfill the organization’s goals and mission. The nominating panel will interview each candidate to determine if the nominee is a good fit with the abilities experiences, experience, and viewpoints for serving on the board. The nominating committee must consider whether the organization requires new expertise in areas such as marketing, financial management, fundraising strategic planning, diversity and inclusion.

If the nominating committee has a list of qualified candidates and they are presented to the board to be approved. The board will scrutinize each candidate and approve the nominees’ list which will be put to votes of the entire membership. The board can also review candidates who didn’t make the slate, and select individuals to serve on the board as directors at large. The directors will be decided on by the entire board in a later meeting. In most cases the nominees will not be present at the vote to allow the board to discuss their qualifications and ask questions in a private setting.