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There is no doubt that running a board meeting can be an exhausting tedious task. If your meetings lack structure, focus or energy, it can cost you in terms of missed opportunities as well as lost productivity. There are a few easy steps you can do to make sure your directors are actively engaged and actively participating in a successful board meeting.

At least once a year Examine Your Meetings

Collecting feedback is one of the most effective ways to improve meetings. At the end of one or two of your meetings throughout the year, have your board members take two sticky notes and write an “+” for what parts of the meeting were good and a “-” for areas that could be improved. Then, ask them to stick the notes on a board that they can place near the door and let everyone determine what needs to be changed.

Manage Your Time

Keep your meetings as short as you can to ensure you have enough time for actual discussions and decision making. Resist the temptation to include lengthy reports and “have to” things on your agenda. Consider breaking down detailed information from your board book into smaller topics for discussion. Consider having your directors conduct their own research prior to the meeting and bring their own questions to be discussed.

Board meetings are a fantastic way to motivate your team and get them excited. Add “mission moments” into the meeting, so that your board members will listen to stories and testimonials about the impact your organization has on the lives of its members. This can be a great energy boost for the group.