How to Pick the Proper TV Size for Your Room Complete Guide

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Pick the Proper TV Size for your room can be difficult. Many factors come into play when deciding what size of TV to buy, and it all depends on what fits best in your space. We’ve all been in this situation before. We’re looking to buy a TV, and we don’t know what size to get. It can be hard deciding on the perfect size for your room, but it doesn’t have to be! This article will walk you through how to pick the proper TV size for the wall so that you can enjoy your new purchase without any regrets.

Different Sizes of TV for Different Rooms

When we talk about the size, we mean the diagonal measurement of the perfect TV screen size. This is the basis of every decision as to what size tv you should get as a tv’s attributes vary dramatically depending on its size. The bigger TVs have greater detail and more powerful resolutions, but this comes at a price. Bigger TVs use more electricity, they can be harder to move, and they may take up too much space in your room if it isn’t big enough to support it.

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How Big Can My Room Handle?

Knowing how big a tv to get is all about measuring the space you have in your room and how much tv you need. Take into consideration where you plan on placing it, what kind of tv stand or entertainment center you’re going to put it on, how far back people will be sitting while they’re watching tv, what’s on the tv stand already (if anything), and any other furniture pieces in the area. 

The more accurate these measurements are, the better idea you’ll have of what size tv would work best for your room. Once you’ve taken an accurate measure of your available space, you can start looking at some different TV sizes to see how they would look in your room. If you’re worried about the tv looking too big or small, don’t worry! We will go over some simple tricks that can help make this decision easy.

Alternatively, you can seek expert advice. This is the best option for people looking to buy a tv on a budget or who don’t know much about TVs. Over The Top Mounts LLC can measure your room and determine what size tv would fit best with your living space, furniture, and any other factors that play into this decision. It’s important to mention that even though TVs come in many different sizes, it doesn’t mean you should buy the biggest tv on the shelf. 

A tv installer would be able to help guide you towards purchasing the best tv possible without splurging too much money on something that may not look right in your room.

The Right Size TV For Your Room

For Pick the Proper TV Size You want to ensure that the tv size you purchase is correct for your tv viewing experience, but it’s also important to keep in mind what tv looks best with your living space as well. Every tv has a certain “sweet spot” where it seems it is absolute best. This sweet spot varies depending on what kind of tv it is and what size it is, but some rules apply to most tv sizes/models that will help better determine their optimal area of visibility. Below are general tv sizes for wall guidelines you should follow when looking for the tv that will best suit your room.

Small Size TV

– In a small space, a tv smaller than 32″ can begin to look too small or underwhelming depending on its viewing angle. Ideally, you want any tv in a smaller room to be no less than 40 inches. If it’s going up against a light-colored wall, make sure there is at least 5ft of the distance between the tv and the wall, so colors don’t blend and distort.

Medium Size TV

– A tv from 42″ – 50″ can work well in any type of living room setting as long as the proper viewing distance is allowed. Be mindful not to get sucked into thinking that bigger is better because it isn’t. A tv bigger than 50″ can start to have contrast problems, and the larger the tv gets, the more difficult it becomes to find a proper tv stand or entertainment center for it.

Big Size TV

– In a large space, TVs over 60 inches are common because this tv size allows viewers to sit far enough back so that they are not right up against the perfect TV screen size. TVs bigger than 65″ are ideal for huge open rooms with high ceilings as long as you have a measuring tape on hand to make sure you’re allowing enough distance between where people sit and how big of an area their view of tv covers.

Guide of tv mounting

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Mounting the tv can be a good way to save space in the room, especially in small rooms. Many homeowners are interested in wall mount tv installation because it gives them more options when de-clutter their home office, living room, bedroom or any other area. It also frees up space on the floor which makes cleaning much easier.

Before you begin mounting the tv, there are some things you need to know. Make sure you get all of these items together before buying your tv; otherwise, it may not work with your tv mounting system.

The materials you will need include:

1) Tv Bracket/Mounting Kit (This comes with all screws and hardware needed for tv installation.)
2) Wall Stud Finder
3) A tv stand, tv entertainment center or tv arm
4) Power drill
5) Philips head screwdriver
6) Stud finder
7) Level
8) Pencil
9) Drill bits
10) Hammer

The guide of How to Pick the Proper TV Size should come with all hardware that you will need. If it doesn’t have everything you need, you can always buy your own hardware. But once you get the tv bracket/mounting kit home, follow these steps to mount your tv.

Step 1:

Using a stud finder locate two studs in the wall where the tv bracket/mounting kit will be mounted. Make sure there are at least four inches of space between the top of the tv and the bottom of any cabinets above it.

Step 2:

Use the tv bracket/mounting kit as a template to mark where the tv mounting screws should be drilled into the wall.

Step 3:

Drill holes for tv screws at marked locations on the wall. Make sure to drill deep enough for tv mounting hardware, but not too deep that you breakthrough or split wood studs.

Step 4:

Ensure tv bracket/mounting kit is level and use a power drill to screw in tv mounting hardware until snug (do not overtighten).

Step 5:

Use tv bracket/mounting kit’s pre-drilled holes to align the bracket with tv mounting hardware already attached to a wall. Using power drill once again, screw-in remaining tv mounting hardware until snug (do not overtighten again).

Step 6:

Slide tv onto tv mounting hardware attached to the wall. You may need assistance from someone when doing this. If the tv is too heavy, do not force it on your own.

In conclusion, proper TV screen for your room is crucial to consider when you choose tv. Measuring distance between tv and wall, choosing tv stand or tv arm, mounting tv on the wall are also important factors for getting the best view of the TV. The guide on tv mounting will give you helpful tips to do the installation yourself. Contact Over The Top Mounts LLC today for tv mounting guide and help you with a perfect tv for your room.

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