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Investment fund management reports provide investors with the data they require about their investments. They contain investment goals information, details about holdings, costs and performance, among other things. Comprehensive reporting is essential for helping attract potential clients and keeping existing ones.

Many trusts, investment managers and family offices employ a variety methods to manage and report their assets. Some people make use of Excel spreadsheets, while others use specific software to track their money. Whatever method is used it’s essential to have the appropriate technology in place, so that the right data is compiled and released at the right time.

In the ideal scenario, directors of investment funds should be provided with information and data that enable them to evaluate the effectiveness of a fund’s fees and expenses, including those related to the selection of portfolio securities. Directors who are independent of the fund should be real estate data room able to examine documents created by experts outside for the purpose of evaluating services contracts and fees.

To address these larger needs to address these needs, the Commission will need to consider whether it’s appropriate to require certain fee-related information, expressed as a dollar amount to be included in the fund account statements. In this way, investors could receive personalized information on the amount in dollars of fees they paid indirectly during the time period they are interested in, and evaluate the fees they pay with those of other funds.