Over The Top Mounts LLC know that when you purchase a new big screen TV, the last thing on your mind is where to put it. The best place for your 75 inch TV is typically in the living room or family room. But installing a mounting bracket and hiding all those wires can be challenging and time consuming. Luckily we have found a solution! With our full motion wall mount and wire concealment kit, you'll be able to watch your favorite movies without having any visible cables running across the floor or behind furniture. Check out our reviews to know why our customers loves us!

75 Inch Full Motion TV Wall Mount with Wires Hidden on Wall

Many of us enjoy a good and broad display view; having a 75-inch TV will give you exactly that. To match the weight and size of your big TV, go for a 75 inch TV wall mount full motion.
Full motion TV wall mount is rated to be the highest quality of TV mounts. It is similarly referred to as articulating TV mount. It is compacted with an impressive structure that allows it has a great range of movement.

The articulating TV mount allows you to adjust the distance between the wall and the TV; you can attain the perfect position for your TV by either moving it closer or further from the wall.

Full Motion vs. Tilted TV Mount?

If you are still unsure whether you want a full-motion TV mount or a tilted TV mount, compare the below features of these two TV mounts to see which meets your needs.

A full motion TV wall mount has a handy structure because it has multiple pivots that allow tilting your TV to any desired angle for optimal viewing. It also provides installation creativity as you can mount your TV anywhere, even in a corner.
On the other hand, a tilted TV mount allows only a limited tilting angle as it has limited pivots, unlike a full motion TV wall mount. You can only tilt your TV upwards and downwards. You can only install a tilted TV mount in places with open views.
Both articulating TV mount and tilted TV mount are beneficial for preventing glare from windows. You can pitch your TV to avoid any light reflection.

Reasons Why You Should Hide TV Wires on Your Wall?

The first thing you'll notice as you step into your home is the TV sitting on top of a shelf, or hanging from the wall. It's easy to see that it's not an eyesore and that it looks good up there. But what if we told you that those wires are ruining your decorative vibe?  It is imperative to hide cords on wall; to sufficiently do this, you will need a TV mounting specialist.

One reason why it is necessary to hide cords on wall is for internal house beauty. Nobody wants to see the ugly TV wires hanging around the house like comb webs. Perfectly hiding them in the wall increases the aesthetic nature of the house by making it much tidy.
Another reason you should hide cords on wall is to avoid accidents. If you have kids, they are much likely to play with the cables. They can destroy the wires or the TV if they swing with them. Hanging wires are dangerous; if short-circuited, they can cause fires or electrocute anyone passing by.
Bottom line, you have to ensure that your 75-inch TV is safe and perfectly positioned on the wall. A 75 inch TV wall mount in full motion will allow you to perfectly set your TV for optimal viewing; however, you will need an expert to help you.
If you need professional TV mounting services, contact Over The Top Mounts LLC.