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Recently, we provided a client on Nellis Blvd with an LED TV installation service. He wanted something simple, but affordable—and he knew we were the ones to go to because of our lifetime warranty on all of our products. 

It was an easy install; after all, fixed mounts are the easiest when it comes to LED TV installations, home theater systems, projectors, speakers… anything! And our trained technicians have installed many TVs before this one. When it came time for installation, however, our client couldn't help but notice how bright his living room was without any lights on—so he asked if we could install some bias lighting, which we will explain below, behind his TV as well.

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What Is LED TV?

What is LED TV? For those who don't know, it's the latest and greatest in flat-screen technology designed to give the best possible picture and viewing experience at a low price. If you're still unsure of what an LED TV is, let me break it down for you. An LED TV or LED meaning Light-emitting diodes is pretty much any television that uses LED backlighting instead of fluorescent tubes. The difference between the two is that an LED backlight can be dimmed while fluorescent tubes cannot be dimmed. This allows for more control over how light or dark a specific part of the image appears in comparison to other sections of the image.

In 2005 came the first LED TV from SONY. Although it was really an LCD TV with LED backlighting instead of fluorescent backlighting, SONY decided to market it as a LED TV to shorten its name. The term stuck, and it wasn't long before other manufacturers began making LED TVs as well Now that we've mentioned LCD TVs, what is an LCD TV, and is LED better?

What is Better LED TVs or LCD TVs?

LED Vs LCD; Which is better? First off, we'll start with what is an LCD TV as well as a LED TV. First, let's talk about LCD TVs. LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display. This type of TV uses liquid crystals combined with polarizers to create the image you see on screens. It also uses a backlight like LEDs to produce that image. What exactly is a LED TV, then? A LED TV uses light-emitting diodes (LEDs) in combination with additional layers to enhance the quality of the picture, making it brighter and more colorful than an LCD TV.

Now, what are the defining factors of the two so you can choose which is better?

  • LED TVs have thinner screens and sharper pictures compared to LCD TVs. The thickness is often less than 1 inch and uses less power than a conventional LCD TV. The screen size varies from 24 inches to 90 inches and the size also affects the price. Usually, a 50-inch LED TV is priced around $300 either from a well-known brand or a lesser one. Burn-ins or spot marks when you've left a fixed image on the screen for a long period of time, are very rare for LED TVs. It can last up to 100,000 hours of usage. And lastly, no matter what viewing angle you choose, the brightness and color do not change on LED TVs. 
  • LCD TVs consume more power than LEDs since LCDs are backlighted by old CRT or Cathode Ray Tube Technology, which consumes more power than traditional LED backlighted monitors. This type of TV has a minimum thickness of 1 inch and sizes vary from 13-57 inches which is why they are cheaper than LED TVs. Now burn-ins in LCD TVs are not an issue unlike LEDs, which are rare to happen. It has a life span of 50 thousand to 100 thousand hours of usage. And lastly, the brightness and colors suffer when you try to watch from the side.

Which TV Is Better For Your Eyes?

Before you choose to buy a TV and have an LED TV Installation service to mount it on your wall, which TV is better for your eyes? The answer is simple, it is LED TVs. Due to them being a far better display panel in the perspective of eye safety, picture quality, and power consumption. While both of them have a backlight (a form of illumination that provides light for the display), an LCD TV uses a cold fluorescent cathode display backlight (CCFL) while LED uses Light Emitting Diodes (LED). LED TVs have far better dimming features without sacrificing quality ensuring that you will not strain your eyes while LCD TVs have dimming options but will make the quality look bad making it harder to see.

Bias Lighting For Your LED TV

If you're going to be working or watching TV in a dark room, it can be hard to see what's happening on the screen. In fact, your eyes may get tired and they might hurt after a while. This is because your eyes are not adapting properly to the dark. In a dark room, the average level of light you're exposed to is much lower than you're used to, so your pupils can't open up enough to let in enough light for your eyes to work properly. You can have a proper light source installed in the back of your TV. Now, what is this light behind TVs you ask? These are called bias lighting, the same one Over The Top Mounts installed for our client.

Bias lighting solves this problem by providing just enough extra light behind the television so that your eyes can work normally and you can enjoy watching TV for longer without all the negative side effects like eye strain, dry eyes, and headaches. This means long hours of entertainment with fewer distractions and problems!

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