Even though mounting a TV set on a TV floating shelf can be a DIY procedure, it is advisable to seek professional services from companies such as Over The Top Mounts LLC. Aside from  TV mounting services we are also specialized in other installation service in Las Vegas area.

How to Decorate Around Your TV with Floating Shelves

Hanging your television set in the right position and place can be the difference between straining your eyes when watching TV and enjoying every aspect of what you are watching. In most instances, homeowners usually prefer to place their TV sets on top of TV stands while others simply mount the shelf under TV on the wall, and that's it. Unfortunately, most of these people do not realize that they can decorate the area around their TV sets with a wooden floating shelf under TV.

Adding mounted TV with floating shelves is usually a great way of enhancing decor in your house. Additionally, these floating shelves help in drawing your TV into the decor design used in your house, thus eliminating the black box effect created by TVs. Mounted TV with floating shelves is advantageous in that they play an integral role in deciding the risk design that goes toe to toe with your house decor. This means that once a homeowner has decided the types of shelves to use, they can then choose to rearrange, remove, and add shelf decor based on the overall aspect of the decor. If you need an expert in TV mounting or good furniture installation service, Over The Top Mount is one call away!

Mounted TV with floating shelves is of different dimensions, an instance that gives you as the homeowner to handpick the best shelve based on your preferences. When installing floating shelves around your TV, there are various factors that you should consider.

Always Use a Stud Finder
For starters, for those searching for TV floating shelf, it is highly advisable to use a stud finder to locate the studs in the wall. Stud finders are vital because they minimize the time and stress associated with manually finding the studs and drilling the wooden floating shelf under TV.

Use a Drill to Make Holes To Hold The TV floating shelf.
Once the studs have been identified, the next step is to drill into the wooden floating shelf under TV. When drilling, it is advisable to use a 0.64-centimeter drill and later switch to a larger centimeter. This is important because it gives you an outlook of the size of studs that will hold your shelf under TV set in position.

Always Secure your TV Floating Shelf Bracket
With the holes drilled, it is advisable to place your TV bracket in the holes until you feel some form of resistance which indicates that your bracket is firmly held in position. Additionally, it is advisable to use a level to ensure that your brackets are even and firmly held in position. Furthermore, you should ensure that the distance between the assembled brackets is not longer than the length of your shelf under TV.

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