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Stucco concrete is a material that can be used to create durable, cost-effective finishes on homes and can be used for both decorative and protective purposes. It's affordable and fire-resistant which makes it an ideal choice for any type of building project. 

Using stucco on walls will make your wall completely covered and protects the entire undersurface from water and moisture. However, you need to be aware of the climate you live in as your stucco concrete may be affected. By contacting a trusted tv installer, you´ll be certain that your tv in stucco walls will hold up to the standard it is designed for. 

Can You Mount TV on Stucco?

Not only can you mount a TV into stucco, but having stucco available allows you to have a very durable material at your fingertips. However, remember that drilling into stucco will only be possible with the right drill bit and proper drill. The best bit for plastering is the masonry type with carbide or diamond tips. These bits are great because you can easily chisel them through stucco while having your hammer drill at hand will make it much easier to bore larger holes in this material as well. For smaller projects that don't require such large tools, standard drills work fine but if have access to both then definitely use one of each just be aware which tool does what before starting so there isn’t any confusion later on down the line when performing adjustments after the installation has been completed. Other tools such as stud finder and toggle bolt will also save you lots of time and effort in mounting tv on stucco wall. 

How To Drill Into Stucco

Now that you are familiar with stucco, it is good to know how to drill into the stucco. First, the stucco needs to have pilot holes drilled into it. Screws will then be placed by using a drill. Before you begin mounting your tv read the step-by-step guide from our tv mounting experts below.

Step 1

Using a tape measure, find the precise spot where you want to drill the hole. From the ground, measure up to the point for your hole, then mark it using a pencil. By doing this you ensure that all holes are at a uniform distance from ground level.

Step 2

Insert a masonry bit into your electric drill and start cutting. You'll find that the special formulation of this tool makes it great for cutting through concrete, stucco or other hard surfaces like marble without worrying about chipping pieces off in unexpected places.  

Step 3

The next step is to place the drill bit opposite the mark on the stucco exterior wall and apply firm pressure to the drill, then push it tightly against the wall. Hold still while squeezing the trigger to drill a hole through the stucco. Do not stop until the hole reaches the desired depth. When you are done switch the drill to reverse to make back the bit out of the hole.

Step 4

Examine the wall. Make sure there is no wire mesh inside, this will be a problem because the mesh may cause some breaking and crumble rather than allowing a smooth cut. Clear away the area from any loose debris. A great way to fix a damaged area is by using stucco caulk. Once you insert the tube into your gun, slowly squeeze and release until it has been filled with enough for one or two coats of paintable material that will adhere on contact without any need for messy brush strokes to achieve an even coat across all areas being applied too.

Drilling into stucco requires proper tools and knowledge so if you want to mount your TV on wall but you are worried about possible issues that might arise from mounting your TV then contact Over The Top Mounts LLC. In addition to mounting TVs on stucco walls, brick, drywall, we also install home theater systems when necessary for our customers' convenience and entertainment needs. 

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