Do you have a TV that needs to be mounted on the wall but don't know how? You're not alone! Luckily, Over The Top Mounts have many ways to mount your television securely without studs. One of the easiest methods is using drywall anchors. They can hold up to 50 pounds and work well for lightweight TVs. Other alternatives include mounting brackets, which are great for heavier items like projectors or soundbars. There are even magnetic mounts available now that will allow you to watch your television from any spot in the room! Read this blog post for some tips and tricks that will help you get your TV mounted securely.

How to Mount TV on the Wall Without Studs 

So, you have purchased your new television set. Now, how do you mount it? Prior to starting the process of TV mount no studs, the first thing you should do is finding the best area to mount it. Even so, remember you don't have the studs.  It could be that the landlord doesn't want any drills on the wall. Here are some simple ways of mounting TV without studs on the wall.

1. Using Anchors

The mount should be strong enough to hold the weight of the TV and securely attached with screws that fit into wall studs. You can find out if there are any studs in your wall by running a magnet over it; metal studs will stick to it. If you don't see any metal, then use drywall anchors instead. This is one of the easiest method of mounting TV without studs. It is also known as drywall TV mounting. With them, no screws will fall from the wall. It's even better with flat screens. Drill a hole, insert the sleeve then slide an anchor piece.

Using the disposable pull tool, you can move it near to the wall. By doing so, the anchor piece will be locked in place so that it doesn't loosen while driving the screw. When it comes to drywall TV mount, the size of the room should be considered since very small rooms don't do well with a 65 inch TV mount.

2. Using Toggle Anchors or Molly Nuts

These are just regular screws with a toggle at one of their edge. While placing them on the wall, they work by attaching them to the back of the wall. These kinds of anchors don't require some external force as the wall's whole sheet responds instead of just the center of the wall. They are the best for hanging a TV on the wall.

3. Use a Mounting Plate

This is really good while hanging a TV on the wall though it can also be used with anchors. The plates are usually made of metal though plywood is also good on them. The metal helps carry the weight of the screen in case it's not a flat one.

In instances where the mounting plate doesn't look appealing, consider choosing the one that's smaller than the screen. Moreover, choose one whose color blends well with the color of the screen. Even better, consider the look of your room before choosing the color of the plate. The mounting plate is really good for TV mount no studs. In this case, ensure the plates chosen can snugly fit a 65 inch TV mount.

4. Mount the TV from the Ceiling

Though not common, this is another option of mounting TV without studs. This method might be a little bit labor intensive and technical. According to the space between the floor and your ceiling and the Tv's heaviness, longer screws might be needed to reach the joints. Bigger space should be available for these as they can stretch out.

Using anchors, toggle bolts, mounting bolts, and mounting plates are great ways of TV mount no studs. While using some methods such as drywall TV mount, there are conditions such as the heaviness of the TV and the wall condition that must be considered.

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