Reasons Why a TV Mount is Better than a TV Stand

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Televisions are no longer heavy, bulky pieces of equipment. They have become light and almost art-like in their design with the ability to be mounted on walls or desks without needing an entertainment center for them anymore. Though some people still prefer having a physical TV stand as well, mounting up modern flat screens is now more common than ever before because not only does it save space but also enhances how your home looks aesthetically speaking.

A TV stand is an option that can work for some people, but if you want to optimize your TV viewing experience and save space in your living room, TV wall mounting service may be the better choice.

TV Stand vs Wall Mount

Many TV owners are wondering whether they should buy TV stands or TV mounts to display their TV. When it comes down to it, there are many benefits that come with mounting your TV on the wall. Here are 5 reasons why a TV mount is better than a TV stand.

Save Space

Mounting your television is one of the most space-saving options available, which can be especially beneficial for people with small living spaces that never had room for a large entertainment center. TV mounts give your TV more room to breathe and make it easier for you to clean up around your TV. Entertainment stands may not be the most aesthetically pleasing furniture and can often take up a lot of room, but getting rid of one will give you more space to sit down or play with your family.

TV Mount Installation Las Vegas - Save Space
TV Mount Installation Las Vegas - Get More Design Flexibility

Aesthetically Pleasing

Most people might think that a TV stand is the best option for displaying your TV, but there are advantages to mounting it on the wall. Mounting a TV on the wall can be more aesthetically pleasing than installing it on a bulky and unattractive stand. TV stands serve their purpose of holding your TV up but they can clutter your space and distract from the TV itself. A TV mount is a better option because it saves space while still being able to hold your TV in place with an out-of-the-way design that doesn’t take away from the screen size.

Get More Design Flexibility

Mounting a television on the wall is easy, as long as there’s an outlet nearby. Some TV mounters choose to use their fireplace mantels for mounting but if you have another unused space in your home that can hold weight then it may just work out perfectly. There are plenty of design possibilities when deciding how best to place this new addition, from bedrooms and living rooms to mounting in corner spaces too.

Embrace the Open Concept

A mounted TV will give your living area an open and airy feel. Minimalist spaces are great, but sometimes you want some color or something more on the wall than just white walls with no distractions. Mounting a television above-ground provides this for those who crave minimalism while still keeping their entertainment center in one place!

Keep Everyone Safe

A TV mount is the best way to keep yourself and your family safe from injury. If you have a toddler or someone in your home who could be prone to accidents, then a TV stand is not the safest option for their safety. A TV mount is less likely to allow a child access to it because of its height and they are safer if they do touch it. During an earthquake, it’s important to keep your TV or other large pieces of furniture stable and secure. A securely mounted TV will reduce your risk of having items fall on you from above by keeping them away from unstable surfaces such as shelves.

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