Solutions to the Most Common Home Theater Setup Issues

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Your dreams of a home theater don’t have to be stifled by annoying snafus. Home Theater Setup Issues fixes can bring the movies right to your home.

Whether you’ve seen home theaters in magazines or you’ve enjoyed films at friends’ houses, you’re craving such a setup in your own home. Every time you get close to making these home modifications, however, you find a reason not to do so. Instead of stifling your dreams, consider these fixes to some of the most common home theater setup issues.

Lack of Space

One major reason why individuals crush their dreams of home theaters is due to a lack of space. You might feel as though you have no room in your house for large television or theater seats. Fortunately, we can help with this problem as Over The Top Mounts specializes in home theaters setups. Our professionals can mount a television to the wall, which means you don’t need to worry about the space for a huge entertainment center. We can work with you to find solutions that work for your living space.

Where to Locate Your Theater

Determining where in the home to set up a theater is one of the common home theater setup problems that many people face. A way to tackle this home theater setup issue is to consider where your family members like to spend their free time. For example, you might have a nice bar in the basement. You could choose to have the home theater installation done there so that guests can grab a beverage and then watch the movie.

Concerns about a Safe and Secure Installation

Home theater installation process

While you may know how to put a television on a stand, you don’t necessarily know how to mount a television to the wall. Mounting a television without professional assistance can be dangerous. You could be injured in the process, or the television could fall later on, injuring your loved ones. You also might not know how to set up the wires safely. The experts at Over The Top Mounts can take care of these projects for you.


When you think of a home theater, you might envision an endeavor that is going to eat up your entire entertainment budget for the year or that is going to seriously damage your savings account. Our company is used to working with customers who have all different types of budgets. Speaking with one of our professionals about your budget can help your family to find a home theater that is right for you and your finances.


Even when you have the money for home theater installation, you might wonder when you’ll get the time to have this home theater setup take place. When you’re speaking with the experts in home theater installation service, let them know what your timeline is for the project. Being upfront about these concerns can help the professionals to craft a plan that makes sense for your lifestyle.


Simply put, you might not know exactly what you want your home theater to look like. A number of different styles exist, and professionals can show you what the options are. Browsing through different styles can provide you with the necessary inspiration to develop your own stunning home theater.


Some home theater setup issues have to do with installation and costs. Other concerns relate to whether or not you’ll actually use your home theater. You might worry that you’ll pay for a home theater installation service and then revert back to watching television in the den. Make a plan for using your home theater. For example, you might decide that every other Friday night you’ll invite friends over for a viewing. Scheduling when you’re going to use the theater will make the home theater installations service costs worth it.

Furniture Installation

Furniture Installation

Sitting on the couch and watching television is relaxing, but that experience is different from the one that you likely want to create in your new home theater. You may want to get some reclining chairs, or your home might have the space to set up a couple of rows of theater seating. Of course, in order to bring this vision into reality, you need to assemble the furniture. The hassle of putting together furniture can stymy your plans. Fortunately, the experts at Over The Top Mounts can take care of this project for you as well.

Encountering home theater setup problems should not stop you from pursuing your dreams. Yes, it will take some work to get the theater ready in your home. However, once the work is done, you and your loved ones can find greater relaxation at home.

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