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75" Tilting TV Wall Mount with Wires Hidden

A tilted wall mount, also known as a tilting TV wall mount, is a TV and home entertainment fixture that allows the user to tilt the screen itself. Therefore preventing any reflections and improve your viewing experienced. Tilting will enable users to angle the television to view it from another room or at an alternate angle without moving the entire unit. Many modern flat-panel TVs offer this feature for better viewing angles and multi-room viewing. A tilting TV wall mount will connect to the back of your TV. It has an arm that extends outward and mostly downward, with a hinge on one end. The bottom of the arm is where your TV's VESA bolt pattern attaches to secure it in place.

How does a tilting wall mount work?

Mounting tilting TV wall mount is a task that our team at Over The Top Mounts does efficiently. Wall mounts are mounted to a wall in an up-and-down or left-to-right fashion, depending on the make and model. Tilting allows the flat-panel TV to adjust its position slightly up or down.
Here's how a tilting wall mount works:
A simple tilting wall mount is attached to the back of the television by a tilt bracket and can be adjusted by hand. To tilt, you need only loosen the screws that secure the tilting arm to the flat screen, twist the arm to the desired angle, and tighten the screws.

Here's how you tilt a wall-mounted TV:

1. First, make sure your flat screen is securely mounted to the wall. This might require two people until the weight of the unit is distributed evenly across both studs.
2. Next, make sure that the wall mount is attached securely to the back of your tilt TV via a tilt bracket. The screws need only be tightened enough to hold the tilting arm in place - do not over-tighten, or you risk cracking your tilt TV.
3. If possible, use a second person to assist with tilting, as it can become quite heavy.
4. Rotate the tilting arm upward or downward, depending on which angle you want to achieve. You may need to remove the tilt bracket at this point to rotate it any further - be sure to reattach once you've reached your desired viewing position.
5. Finally, re-tighten the screws holding the tilt TV to the wall mount.In conclusion, tilting wall mounts are fantastic for multi-room viewing and offer a range of viewing angles. The arm is attached to the unit itself, so tilting requires only loosening the screws holding it in place, rotating it to your desired position, and reattaching it. This will ensure a perfectly level screen every time.
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