TV Installation and Troubleshooting Internet 

We all know that feeling of frustration when you watch your favorite show but the screen is black and shows the word no network detected. Over The Top Mounts LLC will come to help you. We don't just mount TVs but we also help troubleshoot internet connection problems. We have been in the business for many years, so come to us if you need TV installation service or in case of WiFi not working on TV but working on other devices, we have the solution for you.

Why Is My TV Won't Connect To Wifi?

You've just bought and installed your new smart tv and as you power it on, you realize that there's no network detected. You go through the manual again and again but still nothing. What gives? Your TV is actually trying to connect to your WiFi, but for some reason isn't able to. Don't worry though! There are a few things that could be causing this problem. If your Wifi is not working on TV but working on other devices could be as a result of the following reasons: 

1. If the smart TV is not connecting to WiFi, Check the settings on your TV; there might be a manual connect button to press.

2. Check the router is in range and plugged incorrectly, not going through any obstructions.

3. Reset the router by unplugging for 25 mins before plug back in again. Also, check that software updates are done regularly for both router and modem.

4. Internet service provider settings may be an issue; check with them first if possible. Some ISP's will set out certain limitations for their customers.

5. Router is not working, or no network connection, which can result in no WIFI connectivity to your smart TV. Troubleshoot router by unplugging for 25 mins before plug back in again. Check if the smart TV is not connecting to WiFi still. 

Why Is My Internet So Slow All Of Sudden?

Check the following reasons why your network connection may be slower than usual or WiFi not working on TV but working on other devices

1. Accessories like microwaves, speakerphones, cordless phones, and baby monitors can interfere with signal strength. If you are using any of these accessories, try to change their position or use them on a different channel.

2. Routers and modems can go bad, leading to signal interruption in speed or no network detected. This problem may be with your internet service provider if the above troubleshooting does not work.

3. Modem is going bad or needs updating. You would have to contact your ISP for this information since they should be providing these types of repairs for you.

4. Internet protocol address may have changed or corrupted, which can cause speed reduction. Try re-entering the new IP address in your devices to see if no network is detected.

5. Need to update your firmware on the router and modem. If you are not comfortable doing this, then contact ISP again if the TV not connecting to wifi.

Hire a Professional TV Mounting Service 

You can always mount your TV on the wall yourself, but it may not be worth risking your expensive electronics. We provide mounting services for all TVs so you don’t have to worry about doing any work or risk damaging anything in the process. Let us install your TV and internet so you can watch your favorite shows the way they were meant to be watched without any interruptions or delays. Read our customers' feedback for your reference. If the smart TV is not connecting to WiFi, we will fix it for you right away.