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75 inch TV Before and After Mounting and Installation Las Vegas: How to mount a TV to the wall

The invention of flat-screen TVs was a game-changer in house space management. While it would have been hard to house a 75 inch TV in your living room in the past, you can now easily mount it on the wall without the need to disorganize the room. Although every TV is bought along with its stand, most people prefer to use TV wall mounts not only because of its elegant look but also to save space. TV wall mounting, however, comes with a safety issue.

A TV that is not properly mounted can easily fall off the wall, which can be very costly given the prices of most ultra-thin TV models. If you are not certain about your TV wall mounting skills, you should hire a professional TV installation expert. Here at Over The Top Mounts LLC, our TV wall mounting experts can use their many years of experience in the field to safely install your TV. When selecting a TV installation professionals in Las Vegas, always review their credentials to ensure that they have the necessary skills. If you, however, believe in your capabilities, here I a guide to help you safely mount your TV.

First, identify the ideal position for mounting your TV

Although this may seem straightforward, most people often mount their TVs in the wrong position. For instance, sunlight blurs images on TVs mounted opposite the window. Similarly, if you want to watch your TV from a comfortable angle, you should mount it on top of the fireplace since most fireplaces are often tall. Ideally, you should choose a position that will allow you to mount the TV at a comfortable height and not directly to the sunlight. IF this proves to be a challenge, you can find quality TV installation services in Las Vegas to identify the ideal position and install the TV for a reasonable rate.

Review the type of your wall

Identifying the type of material used on your wall will help you select the right mounting tools. For instance, while screws and plugs are ideal for installing a TV on a concrete or brick wall, it would be dangerous to use these tools on a stud wall or one that has a plasterboard. If you live in Las Vegas, you can consult with a TV wall mounting expert regarding the best tools to use on your wall for free.

Select the right TV mounts

Different brands of TV mounts vary on the quality of the material and the design of the product. The design of the mount depends on your preference- whether you want your TV to be tilted or still. When it comes to TV mounts, the cost should never be a consideration. This is because the risk of replacing a broken TV as a result of the use of weak mounts outweighs the initial cost of buying quality TV mounts.

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