TV Mounting with AV Wires Hidden in Las Vegas

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TV mounting on the wall is a great way to save space and make things look neater. However, there can be complications with hiding wires behind the TV. In this article, we will share the advantage of hiring a TV mounting professional to install your 65 Inch TV mounting with AV wires.

65" Inch TV Mounting with AV Wires Hidden

Honestly, the sight of 65 Inch TV Mounting with AV Wires Hidden mounted on the wall is much more appealing than one sitting on a console. When you place your TV on a console, you can easily damage your home theater wiring and audiovisual wiring(AV), and it can create a cluttered appearance. You can free up space by mounting TV on a concrete wall or drywall and hide speaker wire in the wall.

Is it safe to wall mount a 65 inch TV?

Installing a 65 inch TV mount properly and complying with the weight limit makes it safe. If you have your TV professionally installed, it means your AV wiring and home theater wiring are positioned safely without posing any danger. Well trained technicians in Over The Top Mounts will hide TV wiring in walls and give you the peace of mind you deserve by having the mounting done the first time correctly. You can also have an option to choose what type of tv wall mount you want in your television. You can incorporate your in-wall speaker wire with home theater wiring to create a visually appealing room. However, some TV owners are wary of methods to hide TV wiring in walls. Some reasons include:

-A concern about damaging the drywall or cement
-Creating clutter or hazard if the TV is not mounted correctly.
-Damaging the in-wall speaker wire, home theater wiring, or AV wiring
-Concern about mounting TV on concrete wall

Steps on how to mount a tv on concrete wall

There is nothing more unsightly than AV wiring and home theater wiring that sticks out from behind the wall. In the case of a new TV, you might not want to spend even more to conceal your wires in your walls, whether your walls are concrete or drywall. However, mounting TV on concrete wall can be challenging, unlike drywall. A concrete wall is harder to penetrate than drywall. However, concrete is the most common building material used for walls and partitions. You can attach a 65-inch TV to a concrete wall using a nylon plug or concrete screw. Follow the below steps to mount the stand on a concrete wall.

Determine the location: Mark the desired hole locations.
Drill a hole: Use an impact drill or a hammer drill to make a hole.
Install nylon plug: Tapping the nylon plug into the holes
Screw-in the concrete screw: Align the scaffold holes and hand-twist the screws.

Get Your TV Mounted with Over The Top Mounts LLC

Over The Top Mounts are the premier Las Vegas company to trust with all of your television mounting needs. We are a mounting company that has been installing TVs for many years. We have the latest in HDTV mounts and AV wiring solutions, so you can rest assured your 65" inch TV will be mounted securely with no worries about it falling off of a wall or table top mount! Give us a call today to set up an appointment. Check out our feedbacks to find more information on how we've helped countless homeowners get their televisions mounted safely and professionally.


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