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Documents are an integral part of every business, however it isn’t easy to keep track of them. Without a centralized document distribution system, employees spend all day searching for the documents they require using up valuable resources and reducing efficiency.

With the right software for document distribution, you can ensure all stakeholders can access the version of the file that they require. This is especially important for industries that rely on highly technical documents for their daily activities, such as construction and engineering. Every project document undergoes numerous revisions and updates. The correct storage and accessibility of all versions are critical for the success and completion of any project.

The best method to manage and distribute project documents is to employ the document distribution matrix, which is essentially a spreadsheet that outlines the people who require what files and when. The matrix also lists the methods by which the files are being distributed (by email, file transfer protocol servers, through an image scanner or in person) and lets users schedule reminders so that they aren’t forgotten about or delayed for review.

Another important feature of document distribution software is indexing, which categorizes documents according to the types of data they contain. This makes it easier to move documents through workflows, and to locate them later. Version control and tools for simultaneous collaboration ensure that everyone works on the most current version of a document and avoid confusion caused by multiple versions, or contradictory changes.