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A virtual meeting is a video conference that takes place on the internet, often with participants from different locations. Virtual meetings can be used for many purposes, such as remote therapy, collaboration in the workplace or a time to socialize with family and friends. Virtual meetings are becoming more popular in the workplace, particularly among younger workers. They’ve spent their entire lives collaborating and interacting online and want that same seamless experience.

Participants in virtual meetings can use their computers’ speakers and microphone or text chat. They can also share their screen or share documents, which can be helpful for collaborative teamwork. Some software tools allow participants to record meetings in virtual form and save them for later use. In this regard, it’s important for participants to have a stable internet connection with high-quality video recording capabilities (like Riverside’s up to 4K).

If you are hosting or participating in virtual meetings, there are best guidelines to follow. For instance, it’s important for both hosts and guests to have an agenda before the meeting begins. This will help keep the discussion on track and stop it from going in unproductive directions. It’s also recommended to turn off any background interruptions or noises during the meeting, and to keep eye contact with the other participants. This shows that you’re active and attentive, even though you aren’t in the same room.

It’s crucial to keep notes and stay focused whether you’re hosting or taking part in a virtual conference. Avoid multitasking during the meeting as it can distract you, and make it hard to absorb the information.