Wall-mounted TVs are great for saving space in a bedroom, but it can be difficult to find the perfect height. Mounting your TV too low will make you crane your neck uncomfortably when sitting on the bed or sofa while mounting it too high will take up valuable floor space. A bedroom TV mount is a task you want to be done right the first time. When done properly, your beautiful walls will be safe from damage because you won’t have to drill unnecessary holes to mount your bedroom TV.

By hiring a professional tv installer to help with the mounted TV in the bedroom, you get to keep both your peace of mind and the beauty of your wall. We know a good size TV for the bedroom and the proper mounting height. Let us help you avoid an installation disaster.

What is the proper height for wall-mounted TV in the bedroom?

To determine the proper height for wall-mounted TV in bedroom, you must first check the screen size, the room’s dimensions and shape, and how the TV will be viewed. Will the wall-mounted TV in bedroom be viewed from a stationary position or all angles? Either way, the ideal height should be your eye level.

Most interior designers and architects agree that the appropriate height for a mounted TV in bedroom is about 43 inches above the floor. This height, however, depends on your seat’s height. That’s what produces the ideal eye level.

How far should you sit from a 65 inch TV?

According to the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE), the viewing distance of a TV in the bedroom varies according to the TV size. To obtain the ideal sitting distance from a television, divide the TV size by 0.625. Ideally, you should sit at a distance that gives you a 30° viewing angle as recommended by the SMPTE.

What is the average size TV for a bedroom?

 As bedroom TV sizes continue to swell, you must know the right size for your bedroom. Is a 65 inch TV too big for your bedroom? Well, to answer this question right, consider the TV’s positioning, the viewing distance, the screen resolution, and the TV quality.

Depending on your budget and bedroom size, go for a TV size that provides a high pixel resolution to allow you to watch it from close range without sacrificing the picture quality. 

Look for a local tv mount installer near you!

The size of the TV, height and orientation with your eye level can all affect how you perceive its quality. An expert from Over The Top Mounts LLC will be able to help you determine the best place for a wall-mounted TV that provides optimum viewing pleasure without getting in the way of furniture placement or obstructing views from other windows.  

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